Dynamic, personalized Web experiences—five times faster

How it works

Providing a personalized user experience that encourages consumers to browse and buy requires rich, interactive content and applications that are generated dynamically. However, richer content slows page downloads and can even lead to site abandonment. Akamai Dynamic Site Accelerator gives you performance that is up to five times faster than your original Web infrastructure and handles the specific requirements of dynamically generated content—without a costly hardware buildout.

What's Included

Dynamic Site Accelerator

Delivers dynamically generated content and rich media with unmatched speed around the world


Provides secure, outsourced, on-demand storage that eases the burden and costs of storing content


Reduces the demand on your origin servers by running Web applications on the Akamai platform

Find out how Akamai's Dynamic Site Accelerator:

  • Delivers faster Web site performance for highly interactive content
  • Scales capacity on demand, globally, to meet peak seasonal and promotional traffic demands
  • Increases conversion rates and reduces abandonment through improved user experience
  • Delivers SSL-protected content and mitigates Internet security risks
  • Increases availability through uninterrupted service capabilities
  • Lowers your infrastructure cost and burden
  • Enables better business decisions through site and visitor reports